We identify the potential of your assets to realise growth, mitigate threats, and maintain fitness for service throughout their lifecycle.

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Analysing your assets

We’re conceptual thinkers, with the practical skills to optimise your engineering designs and give you confidence that the result will be fit for purpose. We work closely with industry professionals to ensure a smooth transition to commissioning, start up, and return to normal operations.

Our multidisciplinary teams apply their expertise to recommend engineering solutions that maximise the efficiency and safety of your assets. We work with clients, regulators, trade bodies, and academia to offer world-class standards of engineering excellence.

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You want to get back to business as usual with as few delays as possible, and we want to deliver great results that increase your operational efficiency and make for cleaner energy. Through feasibility, front-end engineering design, and a clear process, we help you optimise your assets.

Our technical and commercial expertise helps us deliver integrated facilities solutions for energy projects. We tailor our team to suit client needs, regulations, locations, and installed environments.

Optimising the performance of your assets and keeping them safe is a continuous process. We administer this through effective management of change, engineering solutions for live, hazardous, operational environments.

When your assets approach the end of their life, we provide an extra kick of specialist engineering to keep them going. Our experience gives us the foothold we need to produce the strategic planning and engineering rationale required to make life-saving decisions for your assets.

We focus on enhancing the sustainability of your energy infrastructure. Our engineering expertise can enhance existing facilities for a lower carbon footprint and improved efficiency. We work to extend the operational life of your assets while aligning them with global decarbonisation goals, ensuring they work towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

Optimal flow, recovery, and reduced emissions maximise asset value. We identify and implement solutions which offer peak performance and minimal carbon output. Our expertise spans operational assets and the delivery of lessons in the development phase of projects which deliver long-term efficiencies throughout the asset’s life.

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Benefits of study

Along with delivering an exceptional experience that’ll guide you towards a better day-to-day for your assets, our study services come with a number of added benefits:

  • Extend the lifespan of your assets
  • Improve the safety of your site
  • Optimise the efficiency of your operations
  • Reduce your carbon emissions


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