Energy engineering services

We provide the engineering solutions across multiple sectors which optimise, decarbonise and lower emissions for our energy future.

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Helping society thrive

Society relies on energy to grow and flourish. We optimise energy operations, meeting the needs of society while building a cleaner image for oil, gas, and energy as a whole. To support demand in an efficient, safe, and sustainable way, we engineer opportunities for growth and help you to mitigate threats – leading to economic and environmental benefits for your owned and operated assets.

Our teams offer impartial, independent, and integrated recommendations and solutions which support investment decisions to proceed, hold, recycle, or exit energy projects, helping you to maximise the output of your operations.

Building a brighter future.

We engineer solutions across the lifecycle of projects, from early concept development to project execution and asset operations.


Realise the true potential of your assets. Achieve your goals for growth, mitigate risk avenues, and ensure your assets function optimally throughout their lifecycle. We offer study services like asset development, life extension, and decarbonisation, helping you to maximise the output of your energy operations.

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Enhance your operations, then get back to work without a hitch. We ensure your assets are optimised and ready to receive before handover, letting you return to your normal activities with an added layer of safety and efficiency based on best engineering practices.

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Ensuring your assets are held to the highest assets means finding places to optimise their safety and efficiency. We offer expert advice and recommendations, helping you streamline this process. Through the provision of technical authority, robust testing, and rigorous investigations, we pinpoint and improve areas of potential within your activities.

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Our holistic approach

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1. Process & Facilities

Our multidiscipline facilities engineering team provides integrated process, mechanical, piping, structural, electrical and instrumentation solutions for our clients.


2. Flow Assurance & Production Chemistry

Our flow assurance engineers and production chemists work seamlessly together to deliver complex studies and projects across multiple energy sectors.

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3. Subsea & Pipelines

Our team delivers design, package management, execution and integrity projects utilising our full multidiscipline subsea engineering specialists.

4. Safety and Risk

4. Safety & Risk

Our team of technical safety, risk and reliability specialists provide a suite of solutions for our clients to assess and mitigate major accidents and risk.


5. Project Management & Project Engineering

Our Project Managers, Project Engineers and Project Controls specialists deliver projects, governance and assurance solutions to our clients.

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