Ensure your energy operations are held to the highest standard. We rigorously test, investigate, and assure, providing expert advice and recommendations that lead to optimal safety and efficiency for your assets.

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Optimising asset safety

Realise your growth ambitions while managing and mitigating threats along the way. Our experienced multidisciplinary engineering teams apply their broad range of knowledge and skills, recommending solutions which enhance your operations and maintain your assets condition throughout its technical and economic lifecycle.

We collaborate with our network of regulators, suppliers, academics, and industry trade bodies to bring you the highest standards of engineering competence in the world.

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Advisement service breakdown

We respect the Major Accident Hazard Management industry, closely following the engineering and management processes which design, procure, install, construct, commission, operate, and destruct energy assets – all to create the best outcomes for your energy operations.

We provide specialist engineering expertise on your behalf, offering guidance throughout project lifecycles and ensuring both technical integrity and regulatory compliance. We can oversee your project’s execution: mitigating risks, providing expert advice on engineering challenges, and acting as a seamless extension of your team.

You’ll receive our specialist engineering oversight and decision-making support. We provide authoritative guidance on complex technical challenges, establish and enforce engineering standards, and offer key insights for making technical decisions – all to ensure operational and engineering excellence, safety, reliability, and efficiency.

We provide comprehensive peer reviews, design assessments, and construction assurance across energy projects and operations. Receive detailed examination and validation from our engineers and project managers, ensuring every element meets the highest standards of safety, quality, and efficiency. Enhance your project’s integrity and boost confidence for your project’s success.

We offer validation and assessment solutions across multiple energy sectors. Our team specialises in rigorous testing procedures, ensuring that all systems, components, and projects meet safety and performance requirements. By deploying our innovative techniques and tools, we provide you with reliable data that will support informed decision making and reinforce your commitment to excellence in engineering and safety standards.

We provide meticulous investigations of technical challenges and anomalies in energy projects. Through a systematic approach, we identify root causes, assess impacts, and recommend solutions.

Our team of experts use diagnostic tools and techniques to uncover underlying issues, ensuring an accurate and comprehensive analysis. We can assist you with the maintenance of operational integrity, preventing future occurrences and enhancing overall project safety and efficiency.

We address and resolve operational incidents, thoroughly examining incidents to determine causes and impacts. By investigating the root of the problem, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of each incident. The insights gained from this process are pivotal in developing effective strategies to prevent future occurrences, enhance safety protocols, and ensure continuous operational improvements for you and the energy sector as a whole.

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Benefits of advisement

We can advise your operations, leading to the discovery and resolution of potential improvements, challenges, and concerns. Our services enhance your assets with a number of additional benefits.

  • Ensure the safety of your assets & employees
  • Prevent Major Accident Hazards
  • Safeguard your sustainability efforts
  • Improve your operational efficiencies


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