We engineer and manage energy solutions to optimise your assets. Ensure you’re ready for handover, start-up, and normal operations with enhanced safety and efficiency based on the best engineering practices.

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Apply our expertise to your assets, ensuring they align with technical specifications and optimising their potential. Our experienced multidisciplinary engineering teams streamline the handover process, using the skills to recommend the best engineering solutions to help you achieve your growth ambitions and energy goals.

We manage and mitigate threats, provide suggestions based on best practice, and deliver your project with our international connections and world-class standards of engineering competence.

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Delivery service breakdown

Manage the delivery of your operations in a safe and efficient manner. We ensure everything meets technical requirements and regulatory standards, ensuring you have everything in place to get your asset up and running. With expert engineers and managers, we deliver a world-class service of innovation and excellence in energy engineering.

Enhance and strengthen your project delivery with our team of skilled engineers and managers, aligning our work with your ambitions. Our resources integrate with any project delivery process, and our broad experience with project management systems and tools helps to enhance your operations. We’re connected across the global energy supply chain, enabling seamless delivery with minimal interface risk.

We manage vendors, contractors, and suppliers in a confident and professional manner, representing you while upholding industry standards and good engineering practices. These services can help you no matter the location or configuration, mitigating risks and providing effective oversight & integration of packages of work.

Support your vessel preparation, mobilisation, and operations with our experienced subsea team. We guide you through the necessary steps, sourcing equipment, materials, personnel, and performing risk assessments to support a safe and efficient delivery.

Align your work with best practices, brought from our industry-wide view and lessons learned from previous projects, ensuring the safest and most effective working operations.

Effectively maintain your standards and align with best engineering practices, using the expert oversight and supervision of our multidisciplinary engineers and package & project managers. We manage suppliers, vendors, and contractors through the execution phases of construction and commissioning, streamlining your operations for maximum safety and returns.

Our technical team supports you and your suppliers, from commissioning through commencement of normal operations, with achieving the performance and delivery of the basis of design. We ensure a smooth handover to operations at the point when the asset can be managed, operated, and maintained safely.

Everything will be ready for you – we clear punch-lists, train operators, embed maintenance routines, and offer a close-out process that ensures everything is built to technical specifications and that equipment guarantees are in place.

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Benefits of delivery

We put everything in its place and prepare your asset for its future operations, ensuring long-term reliability and efficiency.
Our delivery service also comes with a number of extra benefits:

  • Prepare your operations for handover
  • Ensure everything meets technical requirements
  • Secure a safe and efficient delivery
  • Receive expert oversight for your project


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