Energy markets

We apply our engineering services across international energy markets, optimising energy production and helping meet goals for emissions reductions and net zero carbon.

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State of the market

A massive investment is necessary to achieve the UK net zero target by 2050, with a large part of that being dedicated towards offshore energy over the next decade. Within this lies an opportunity for the energy supply chain to optimise its infrastructure and operations.

Hydrocarbons are a crucial part of the UK’s energy, and it is essential that oil and gas infrastructure remains in place with new licences to access the remaining resources. Operations must continue to decarbonise and reduce emissions to reach the targets of 50% by 2030 and 90% by 2040 – offering significant engineering and project opportunities.

Clean energy also involves new offshore wind facilities, onshore infrastructure, and investments in carbon and hydrogen technologies. We apply our multidisciplinary engineering skills across all these fields, helping to create synergy throughout the world’s energy markets.

Engineering a sustainable future

Meeting the energy demands of the world means finding a new way to utilise the infrastructure and resources we have access. We optimise and enhance the systems in place across a wide range of energy markets, helping to increase the efficiency of the energy suppling chain while building towards an environmentally sustainable planet.

Oil and Gas

The journey to a cleaner future for energy starts with improving what we already have. Most of the world’s energy infrastructure is centred around the production of oil and gas – optimising these assets for better efficiency and lowering their environmental impact is the only way to achieve sustainability goals while still meeting energy demands.

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A vital component of global sustainability efforts, hydrogen fuel is an emerging market with boundless potential. It is also a necessary resource to meet global demands for sustainable energy, making now the best time to start utilising it through our engineering services.

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Carbon Capture

Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) is one of the most important technologies for reducing worldwide emissions. We provide energy engineering solutions to achieve your carbon capture goals and build towards a net zero future.

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Our holistic approach

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1. Process & Facilities

Our multidiscipline facilities engineering team provides integrated process, mechanical, piping, structural, electrical and instrumentation solutions for our clients.


2. Flow Assurance & Production Chemistry

Our flow assurance engineers and production chemists work seamlessly together to deliver complex studies and projects across multiple energy sectors.

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3. Subsea & Pipelines

Our team delivers design, package management, execution and integrity projects utilising our full multidiscipline subsea engineering specialists.

4. Safety and Risk

4. Safety & Risk

Our team of technical safety, risk and reliability specialists provide a suite of solutions for our clients to assess and mitigate major accidents and risk.


5. Project Management & Project Engineering

Our Project Managers, Project Engineers and Project Controls specialists deliver projects, governance and assurance solutions to our clients.

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