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Fuelling sustainability goals with hydrogen

The demand for hydrogen now makes up 2.5% of global energy consumption for traditional uses like refining and industry. This is an emerging market, and demand for new applications of hydrogen fuel is growing and showing signs of progress. Getting in on the market now means streamlining your access to this resource for the future.

Just one year after the first demonstration project for using pure hydrogen in the reduction of iron began, announcements for new steel projects are rapidly increasing.

The first fleet of hydrogen fuel cell trains has started operating in Germany, and there are over 100 pilot and demonstration projects for using hydrogen-based fuels in shipping. Major companies are already signing strategic partnerships to guarantee the supply of these fuels, so securing your space in this emerging market is best done soon.

The power sector also sees the massive potential held in hydrogen and ammonia fuels. These areas are attracting a lot of attention, and projects that are on the way will make up a significant amount of potential capacity by 2030.

Policies and measures from governments around the world mean that hydrogen demand will continue to skyrocket. Finding new applications is a must to meet global environmental goals and existing climate pledges – staying on track for net zero emissions by 2050 means hitting a demand of 200 Mt of hydrogen by 2030. Keeping up with this demand requires efficiently engineered solutions that’ll last you into the future.

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